Song Hye Kyo, is The Most On Demand Face Constructed by Scalpel?

Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean actress and model. She is considered as the most popular actress among all Hallyu actresses. Born at 22 November 1981, she made her official debut in the Korean entertainment industry when she won first place in Sun Kyung model contest. Soon after the debut, she starred TV drama First love and appeared in some dramas sitcoms. But, her great luck came when she was offered to star the tragic drama “Autumn in My Heart” along with Song Seo Hun and Won Bin. She became very popular and continued her success by starring various popular dramas, such as Guardian Angel, All In, Hotelier, etc. She again got a prominence when she portrayed Han Ji Eun in Full House. She was even remembered as the beautiful Ji Eun by international Viewers. Her recent drama, That Winter The Wind Blow makes her comeback to her excellent position as one of the most stunning actress. In fact, it’s not only her skill that makes her as popular as now, but her most wanted beauty gives a lot of benefits to her career. As the evidence, Song Hye Kyo has appeared as spoke person of some on demand, exclusive and high-class Korean cosmetics, like Laneige and Etude House from Amore Pacifics. In other words, she is a Korean beauty icon.

She is not Plastic Surgery Icon, But Natural Beauty Symbol

Becoming Korean beauty symbol doesn’t always bring her benefit because Song Hye Kyo’s face is often borrowed by numerous cosmetic surgery clinic as the icon. Song Hye Kyo who ensures the public that her beauty is natural will sue the clinic that uses her fabulous face as a referential face. However, some people insist on believing that Song Hye Kyo did plastic surgery through several pieces of evidence. In the internet we can found her before and after surgery pictures that are regarded as the real evidence of plastic surgery. In those comparative photos, it’s obvious that song seems a little bit change. It’s not a major change, but it’s like that her face has a little correction from the knife. The first correction done was in her eyelids. Her eyes look wider compared to when she appeared in her before dramas. In Song Hye Kyo before plastic surgery images, she still had typically East Asian eyelids, but they are not those slanted. Then, her teeth seem to experience some touches from the surgeon knife. Even teeth surgery is something hard, but she seems to correct her teeth since they appear straighter. Again, people find out hesitation whether her nose is free from surgery or not. Song Hye Kyo never clearly admits or denies but again publics try to examine the truth of the rumor from Song Hye Kyo before and after surgery pictures, but after a report about what she does to plastic surgery clinics which take advantage of her beauty, public know that she denies it.  It’s obvious that her recent photos show the rhinoplasty or better known as nose job has modified her nose to become well-shaped, not like the common flat nose of Asian.

People Keep Questioning About Her Young Look

Based on the rumor, Song Hye Kyo has gained some enhancement through plastic surgery, but she won’t let her recent view decreases because of aging. That’s why she is again rumored to avoid the appearance of wrinkle and some signs of aging. From Song Hye Kyo after plastic surgery images, she looks like getting the injection on her cheeks. Her cheeks appear something fuller that reminds us when she was a teenager. We all are already known that she will reach the 40s in the next 4 years, so it is not normal to have that look. But, who knows that Song Hye Kyo maybe one of the people who have wonderful aging that she gets prettier than before. No formal expose or rumor from media, this examination is just filling the curiosity of the fans about Song Hye Kyo perfect beauty. Publics respect this actress much. They even support the actress when she sued the plastic clinic for putting her photo as the promotion methods. Fans surely against her beloved actress, Song Hye Kyo becomes twins.

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